Who we support

The orphanage we support, Tree House Children's Family Home, was founded in 2005 in Nick Omondi's tiny home in Mathare slums. Since 2008 the orphanage is located in Lucky Summer (Nairobi, Kasarani) and it now houses around 50 children in the age of 0 to 22.

If not supported by Nick, they would now be living in the streets.

The children live in the orphanage together with Nick and his own children. Nick raises them like he was raised himself after becoming an orphan.

Nick's story

"I was born and raised in Mathare slum* and lost both parents at a very young age. At a certain point in time I was living on the streets for like three and a half years before a good samaritan came to my rescue. This good samaritan took me into her house, took me to school, showed me love and gave me shelter, she changed everything in my life. This made me think of being part of the solution in my community:

Growing up feeling not loved, not worthy, rejected, not cared for and eating leftover food, having no shelter, it became my dream that, if I grew up I would become a children defender, fighting for their rights and for those people living with HIV/AIDS."

*Mathare slums

Mathare is Kenya's second largest slum with an estimated population of 500,000 to 1,500,000 people, which are huddled into approximately 5% of the total residential area of Nairobi. On average 500 people live on just one acre of land in life threatening conditions, without the most basic needs being met for the majority, and where population growth rates are amongst the highest of Africa. The poverty is worsened by many factors such as disease (HIV, TB, malaria, etc.) domestic violence, crime, drugs, prostitution, child abuse/ child labour and alcoholism. The sanitary conditions are terrible or absent at all and rubbish is piled up everywhere.

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